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PRECISE Data Processing Services

HPC (high performance computing) Cluster at IMM:
  • An high performance computing cluster was built at IMM. This cluster is available as a private HPC computing resource within the IMM…
Private Cloud at INESC-ID/IST:
  • A private cloud was built at INESC-ID/IST, supported by a cluster with 60 cores (120 threads), 756GB of RAM, and 1.44TB high speed SDD storage (structured as 6 computing nodes, each with 10 cores, 20 threads, 128GB of RAM, and 240GB of storage each).
  • These resources are integrated in a OpenStack ( installation, allowing the dynamic and on demand allocation and management of resources. The elasticity provided by this pilot allows the efficient and isolated deployment of the multiple applications being developed in the project, each one with different computational requirements and lifetime.

PRECISE Data Management Services

National Stroke Database in production:
  • (test version… please feel free to play!!!)
  • (production version… access reserved to registered users…)

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