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The headline goal of PRECISE is treatments precisely tailored to specific molecular targets.

We believe this is the right time to start broadly applying the concept of prevention and treatment strategies that take individual variability into account, so that one day all patients will be offered customized care with treatments that match each individual’s molecular profile and personal history.

To achieve this long-term goal, an ambitious program is been implemented by interdisciplinary teams formed across 3 partner institutions with core research programs in Medicine (iMM), Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering (iBB), and Computer Science and Information Systems (INESC-ID).

PRECISE capitalizes existing expertise, resources and infrastructure available in the partner institutions to foster the generation of new knowledge and to ensure its rapid translation to the benefit of patients and industry, through the direct involvement of hospitals, patient advocacy groups and the business sector.

The activities feature the engagement of future users and patients. This makes PRECISE activity portfolio highly relevant to societal challenges related to health and the need to move towards more inclusive, innovative and reflective societies.

*Clinnical registries and bio-banks involve effective collaboration with the following major Portuguese hospitals: Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental, Hospital Fernando da Fonseca (Lisboa), Hospital Garcia da Orta (Almada), Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, Hospitais da Universidade de Coimbra, Hospital da Luz (Lisboa), Hospital de Faro, Hospital Pêro da Covilhã (Covilhã), Hospital de São Sebastião (Santa Maria da Feira), Hospital de Braga, Hospital de São João (Porto) and Hospital de Santo António (Porto).

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